August Limited Commissions

At this time, I am offering limited wildlife commissions.
Please see information below.

Choose the Surface

• Traditional 8x10" Painting:
This is a traditional animal portrait painted on an 8x10" piece of cotton watercolor paper (Arches or Hahnemuhle).

• Etchr Perfect Sketchbook (A5): This is an animal portrait painted on the first page of an A5 Etchr Perfect Sketchbook. The rest of the sketchbook will be free to fill it as you wish.

Choose the Price Point

 Artist's Choice ($175): Let me know what some of your favorite animals are, and I'll surprise you with the subject! You are not guaranteed to get one of the animals you provide me with, but I will try to choose the subject to the best of ability, though at the whims of my creative muse. All paintings will be up to my quality standards and would be something I would be proud to list in my shop.

• Limited Buyer's Choice - Mammal or Bird ($225): In order to get these products to you as soon as possible and keep my work load manageable, I cannot offer fully custom commissions at this time. I can however let you dictate a bit more of the creative process! For this price point, you can choose a wild mammal or bird species (e.g. deer, flamingo) and decide if you want a natural or colorful/whimsical color palette. Please, no pets at this time. If I do not think I can paint your chosen species adequately, I will ask you to choose another species. I must be able to find a reference photo of your species in order to paint it. The species will be agreed upon before payment is received. There will be no step-by-step approvals after the initial species has been chosen, however all paintings will be up to my quality standards and would be something I would be proud to list in my shop. 

Additional Details

• These commissions are available on a first come, first serve basis. I will work with each client in the order that I receive emails. If commissions are full, a waitlist will be created.
• Once your selections are agreed upon in the email conversation, an Etsy listing will be created for you to purchase your commission.
• Domestic shipping is included in the price. International shipping will be calculated at check out. Sales tax may apply.
• Once your Etsy listing is created, you will have 48 hours to purchase the listing. If you do not claim in that time, I will move on to the next person on the waitlist.
• Let me know if there are any colors you do not want me to use. 
• August commissions will be shipped no later than the first week of September.