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Holiday Commissions

At this time, I am offering wildlife and pet commissions.
Please thoroughly read the information below before
submitting a request.

Commissions are currently available on 100% cotton watercolor paper in the following sizes. Prices include domestic shipping within the U.S., but excludes sales tax, international shipping, and VAT fees.
9x12: $295 (wildlife); $325 (pet)
8x10: $225 (wildlife); $245 (pet)
5x7: $135 (wildlife); $150 (pet)

Currently, I am accepting limited commissions for animal portraits of most wild bird and mammal species. Other wildlife and pet commissions are available on a case-by-case basis based on the complexity of the subject and may require an additional fee. I may decline commissions based on subject if I do not believe I can paint your chosen species or pet adequately. 

If the commission is for a wild animal, the client will have approval over the reference image used. I must be able to find a copyright-free image of the chosen species from which to work.

If the
commission is for a pet, I must have permission from the photographer to use the image for a painting. Pet reference photos must be adequate to see details and colors accurately. 

The client will have approval over the line drawing. Due to the nature of watercolors, once the line drawing has been approved, the position and anatomy of the subject cannot be changed.

Color Palette
The client may chose if they would like a natural or whimsical color palette, and they may specify if they have favorite or least favorite colors. They may also choose if they would like a white background, solid background, or color splash background. Clients will have approval over the final color palette before I begin the painting. Due to the nature of watercolors, once the color palette has been approved, it cannot be changed.

Commission Approval
U.S. Clients: All commission concepts must be fully approved* by the client by November 23, 2022 to be guaranteed to arrive before December 25, 2022. If you have a different fulfillment deadline, please contact me to discuss.

International Clients: All commission concepts must be fully approved* by the client by November 1, 2022 for their best chance to arrive before December 25, 2022. International orders cannot be guaranteed for holiday delivery. If you have a different fulfillment deadline, please contact me to discuss.

*Fully approved means that the client has approved the reference image, line art, and color palette AND the commission has been paid in full. Commissions are only confirmed after payment is received.

• Commissions are available on a first come, first serve basis. I will work with each client in the order that I receive emails. However, commissions are only confirmed after payment is received.
• All commissions must be purchased through my Etsy shop. A custom listing will be made
for you once the commission has been approved.
• Once your listing is created, you will have 48 hours to purchase the listing. If you do not claim your listing in that time, I will move to the next person on the waitlist if applicable.
• If
commission slots are full, a notice will be placed at the top of this page and a waitlist will be created.

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