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Orange Pigments

Benzimidazolone Orange (PO62)

Common Names: azo orange, permanent orange

A light, warm, and semi-opaque yellow-orange pigment. Lightfast.

Cadmium Orange (PO20)

Common Name: cadmium orange

A lightly valued and semi-opaque mid-orange pigment. Very lightfast. Toxicity warning.

Benzimidazolone Orange (PO64)

Common Names: saturn red

A new and relatively unknown pigment in watercolors. Described by Schmincke as a semi transparent, cadmium free orange with good lightfastness.

Pyrrole Orange (P073)

Common Names, pyrrol orange

An extremely intense, semi-transparent red orange pigment. Lightfast.

Transparent Orange (PO107)

Common Name: N/A

A bright, clean, transparent, warm orange pigment. Rated as excellent lightfastness by Winsor & Newton.

Note: This pigment was released in 2014 by Winsor & Newton as a Limited Edition color available only in a 5ml tube. It now appears to have been added to their main line and is available in a 14ml tube on Jackson's as of March 2019, however the pigment number has been removed.

Pyrrole Orange (P071)

Common Name: transparent pyrrol orange

Ranges from a vibrant, semi-transparent orange to a deep red orange hue. Lightfast.

Benzimidazolone Scarlet  (PO36)

Common Name: benzimida orange deep

A deep, semi-transparent, red orange pigment. Excellent lightfastness. 

Quinacridone Orange (P048)

Common Name: quinacridone burnt orange

A transparent, moderately vibrant earth orange pigment. Lightfast.

Additional Oranges