Meet the Artist - Denise Soden

I've been captivated by both animals and art since before I can remember. I began drawing as soon as I could hold a crayon and I began studying photography when I was in college. In 2013, I fulfilled my lifelong dream of traveling to Botswana to experience and photograph African wildlife. Later in 2013, I set up shop with my own sculpting business, specializing in custom animal figurines. In 2015, I began to explore watercolors and have been in love with them ever since.


Regardless of the medium, my artwork always features my strongest passion: animals. By trade, I was a professional zoo educator for most of my career, dedicated to teaching others about wildlife conservation. My focus in art holds the same passion and importance in my heart: my desire to connect others to wildlife though artwork.

You can find educational watercolor videos on my YouTube channel, real-time tutorials and exclusive artwork on Patreon, and professional classes on Skillshare.