YouTube Content Creator

In addition to creating my own artwork, I am also committed to creating educational content for my community. As a former zoo educator, I have a professional background in enrichment education. Combined with my passion for watercolors, I strive to create engaging and useful videos to help guide others through their watercolor adventures! Below you can find some of my favorite video series and for more content, be sure to visit my YouTube channel! 

Product Reviews & First Impressions

My playlist of product reviews and demonstrations are continuously ongoing. These videos are designed to help viewers make informed decisions about acquiring new supplies, especially when compared to others you already have in your collection. My approach to reviews often includes comparing brands using swatch cards as well as demonstrations.

Tutorials & Demonstrations

In addition to brand reviews, I also have a variety of tutorials and guides to help viewers navigate other aspects of watercolor painting. Some of my favorites in this playlist include my ultimate watercolor paper comparisons, how-to videos on setting up palettes and making mixing cards, and water brush demonstrations.

Color Spotlight Series

Color Spotlight started in January 2017, but now it's back for its third season thanks to my generous Patrons! In this well-loved series, I highlight commonly used colors, talk about their history, and compare different brands.  We explore some color mixing and use the color as a foundational component for a demonstration piece.

Brand by Brand Series

This series explores some of my favorite professional brands of watercolor through limited palettes. Each video will focus of a different brand of paint, aiming to feature a well-balanced palette while highlighting each brand's unique strengths.

Top 5 Favorites Series

What's my favorite watercolor brand? What's my favorite brush? This series spanned from December 2017 to March 2018, throughout which I shared my Top 5 (or 10!) favorite supplies within several categories across watercolors, including paint colors, journals, brushes, and more.

In March 2019, a updated edition of my favorite brands of watercolor was added to the series. In July 2021, a new video was added featuring my updated Top 5 color selections each category for a total of 40 colors. 

Swatch with Me

Having trouble deciding what colors to purchase? Check out my Swatch with Me series! In these videos, we take a casual, real-time look at a wide array of colors from a single brand. These videos are intended to be resources in order to assist you with buying decisions or perhaps just to have on in the background while you paint!

Let's Learn! Mini Series

In this 2018-2019 mini series, I explore new mediums: gouache, oils, acrylics, and soft pastels. Find out about my past experience which each of these mediums, come along with me as rediscover them, and find out what worked for this watercolor artist... and what didn't. 

Animal Artists Collective

Throughout 2018 and 2019, Jennifer Charlee and I coordinated the Animal Artists Collective, bringing artists together to raise awareness for animals and conservation efforts around the globe. In early 2020, the collective decided to dissolve, but you can still check out all of the amazing animals we celebrated along the way!