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Denise’s Earth Friendly Da Vinci Watercolor Palette is a carefully curated non-toxic,
vegan watercolor palette containing 24 hand-poured half pans. While watercolors tend to produce less waste than other paint mediums in general, this palette allows artists to further reduce their impact on the environment by intentionally avoiding the use of cadmiums, cobalts, manganese, and nickel pigments.
Denise has carefully researched each pigment included this set, focusing on their environmental impact while simultaneously striving to create a balanced mixing palette. The set includes some of her favorite primary colors, but is also joined by some eco-friendly alternatives including a cerulean blue hue and a brand new version of sap green that she worked together with Da Vinci to create that maintains a nice glow while avoiding the use of nickel azo yellow. The color selection is rounded off with a wide array of both transparent and opaque earth tones that she is well known for using in her animal portraits.
FULL Mixing Chart v3.jpg
A full mixing chart of all 24 colors has been created by Denise to help demonstrate the array of colors that can be achieved through this versatile palette. It is designed so that there are two (of many) combinations of each color pairing. Click the image to the left to view an enlarged version of the chart.
This link is an affiliate link in which Denise earns a commission of sales to help support her and her business.


Denise is very pleased to announce that the Da Vinci Paint Co. invited her in the fall of 2018 to be part of their Trio Collection! The "Moody" Trio contains Perylene Green, Rose Madder Quinacridone, and French Ultramarine. You can find it and other Da Vinci Trios available on Da Vinci's website using the link below.
This link is an affiliate link in which Denise earns a small commission of sales to help support her and her business.